How to Apply Emperor Masonry Creme

Organic growth on brickwork

2. Repair

Repairing the masonry is just as important when applying Emperor Masonry Creme as it is when applying a paint. This is because any defects in the wall will allow moisture to enter the masonry, impacting the performance. Check the surface is sound and make any repairs to the masonry, such as filling cracks, spalling and holes. A masonry repair filler will be effective at filling any cracks on the masonry, but ensure you make any repairs as discrete as possible for the best finish. Any spalling bricks can be repaired by removing the brick and replacing it or by adding a brick slip to the face of the brick. Finally, ensure you remove any previous paint from the surface as Emperor Masonry Creme is for bare masonry only.

Applying Emperor Masonry Creme to brickwork

4. Allow to cure

Once applied, simply leave the treatment to naturally soak into the wall. It can take 1-2 hours at 20°C for Emperor Masonry Creme to fully soak into the masonry, which can be longer at lower temperatures. Once fully dry, the masonry will be completely natural without changing in appearance in any way. The only difference will be that now the previously porous masonry will completely repel water and dirt, thanks to our Emperor super hydrophobic technology.