How to Apply Emperor Textured Basecoat

Dirty exterior wall

2. Prepare

The surface you are decorating must be sound before you can paint it. This is crucial for preventing any water getting into the wall, protecting its integrity. If there are any cracks or holes larger than 0.5mm, make sure you fill these with a good-quality exterior filler. Any cracks smaller than 0.5mm can be filled used Emperor Textured Basecoat. While any loose or defective paint may have been removed during the cleaning process, this is the last opportunity to check whether all previous paint is still sound. If there is any peeling paint, remove this using a paint scraper back to a 'firm edge', where no more paint can be removed.

Emperor Textured Rollers

4. Apply

Generously load your chosen textured roller with the basecoat and simply roll over the surface of the wall. If using a brush, just brush the product on until you achieve your desired finish. Avoid spreading too thinly as you will lose the texture you have created. You can expect to get a coverage of 350-500g per m², which will depend on the level of texture you are applying. Once allowed to dry for 24 hours at 20°C, you can paint using Emperor Masonry Paint.