How To Apply Emperor Wood Waterproofer

Cleaning wood

2. Prepare

As Emperor Wood Waterproofer is an invisible treatment, preparing the wood as best as possible is crucial to ensure you are maintaining the natural beauty of the wood while its looking its best. Lightly sand down any areas of the timber to remove any deep, ingrained dirt and discolouration that cleaning alone couldn't remove. Check the surface is sound and remove any timber that is rotting. These areas along with and cracks or holes can all be repaired at this point to help keep out moisture and ensure the wood has best possible finish. It is also important to remove any previous paint, stain or oil that will prevent the product from absorbing into the wood.

Applying to wood

4. Allow to cure

Once applied, it is time to sit and wait for the treatment to absorb into the wood and cure. It can take 1-2 hours depending on temperatures for the product to fully dry and for the nano-technology to chemically bond to the material. After this period, it will be fully protected, however it could take up to 24 hours for the super hydrophobic technology to begin to cause water to form beads on the surface.