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Emperor Masonry Crème


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A cutting-edge, one-coat masonry cream which dries clear to provide invisible protection for your home. Suitable for use on bare brick, stone and more.

  • Each sample pot contains 250ml which is sufficient for a 1m2 area to be covered with one-coat of masonry cream
  • See for yourself how rainwater beads and simply rolls off your walls, leaving your home dry and protected from the damaging effects of the weather



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  • If applying directly to the surface, make sure you prepare the surface before applying your sample
  • Ensure the surface is clean, sound and dry
  • Allow the sample to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before seeing the super hydrophobic technology for yourself - this allows time for it to fully dry and chemically bond to the wall

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by breathable?

Breathability is a term used within the building industry to describe how a substrate allows water molecules and air molecules to pass through it.  Our independent scientific testing confirmed that Emperor products had little effect on breathability and did not restrict the movement of air.

How have Emperor Paint products been tested?

The Emperor range of products have been independently tested by a United Kingdom Accredited Testing Laboratory (UKAS) to confirm their performance. The products were awarded four certifications; EAD 040083-00-0404 (external thermal insulation composite), EAD 090062-00-0404 (25 year hygrothermal performance), BS EN ISO 12572 (water vapour resistance) and BS EN ISO 7783:2011 (water vapour diffusion).

What is the coverage of Emperor Masonry Creme?

It varies on different substrates, but generally masonry cream has a spreading rate of approximately 4-5m² per litre. Specific details about the coverage of each of our products can be found on the datasheet, which can be downloaded on the help & advice page.

Can you apply Emperor Masonry Creme over pre-painted bricks and substrates?

Masonry cream can only be applied onto untreated absorbent surfaces.

How do you apply Emperor Masonry Creme?

Masonry cream can be applied using a brush, roller or airless spray machine. Specific details about how to prepare the surface and how to apply the products can be found on the datasheet, which can be downloaded on the product page.

Can I apply Emperor Masonry Creme in low temperatures?

Yes, but it cannot be applied in temperatures less than 5°C.

Does masonry cream dry matt or shiny?

Emperor Masonry Creme will penetrate into the substrate of the masonry and dry back without altering the appearance of the masonry.

How soon after raining can it be applied?

Once the surface is completely dry, which depends on the air temperature at the time.

Does masonry cream alter the appearance of the walls?

Emperor Paint Masonry Creme is a clear product that penetrates the substrate of the building and as such does not affect the appearance of the walls.

How long masonry cream take to start working?

This obviously depends on the environmental conditions at the time of application, but generally it would be typical to see results for masonry cream after approximately 2 hours.

Is masonry cream self-cleaning?

Yes, by creating a water repellent surface on exterior brick, stone, concrete or render, masonry cream prevents dirt from attaching to the surface. Any green growth and other organic matter is also discouraged, leaving masonry surfaces looking clean & beautiful long-term.

How does masonry cream prevent damp?

Masonry cream prevents moisture from absorbing into the exterior walls of properties, which is what is a key driver of penetrating damp. This coupled with the ability for masonry cream to allow moisture to escape from inside a property, thanks to high breathability, mean that buildings are kept warm, dry & free from penetrating damp.

What is the difference between a masonry cream and sealer?

The key difference between masonry cream and sealing products is that masonry cream is an impregnating system, while sealers create a film on the surface of the masonry. By penetrating damp into the masonry, masonry cream waterproofs the masonry itself rather than create a waterproof barrier on the surface. This ensures that the breathability of the masonry is not impacted. In contrast, the film created by sealing products causes moisture to become trapped underneath the surface, causing damp, damage & eventually causing in the sealer to burst under the pressure. With no film to burst, masonry cream has extreme durability, with a 25 proven year performance in all weather conditions.